3 Ways to Bring Your Family Together

Parents and children are busier today than ever before. Every family deals with a mix of jobs, community activities, church, school, athletics, dance and a variety of other commitments. But there are a few things every family wants like close ties, support, encouragement, and relatives everyone is proud to have.

There’s one more thing every person in a family must do and that’s eat. Ask any parent and they will tell you that eating is one family-centered task that simply cannot be ignored. But keeping everyone fed and meeting all the other responsibilities of life can be a challenge, even for the best parents in the world.

To help out, we’d like to offer 3 ways to bring your family together and also do so many of those other things parents do to rear happy, healthy, and productive children.

Share a Meal

We all know sitting down to share a meal as a family can be one of the most enjoyable activities that bonds a family together. It’s not the sitting down to eat that gets in the way of that happening. It’s two other obstacles that occur in every home at the end of the day. Those two speedbumps to your life are:

  • Hungry People – By the time parents and children come through the door, everyone is hungry. Some are scanning the pantry shelves and others are in front of the refrigerator with doors splayed open. No cracker, cookie, or fruit snack is safe.
  • Time to Prepare a Meal – Even the kitchen-handiest parent knows the standard for a “meal that’s fast to prepare” is 30 minutes. And 30 minutes to all those hungry people is like 25 days in the wilderness, totally unbearable.

Greek’s Pizzeria has the solution that is a possibility in two different ways:

  1. Call ahead and order a family favorite pizza and pick it up on the way home. That way the moment you open the door, you have hot, delicious food ready for all those hungry people!
  2. For families in Westfield or Zionsville, they can call our Greek’s Pizzeria to order the family favorites for delivery within a few minutes of their arrival home.

With those obstacles overcome, meaningful and memorable conversation can happen with periods spilling into laughter. Spend time together for sharing and building family bonds.

Family Fun Nights

Teaching their children is one of the most important roles a parent has, and, according to many experts, there’s no better way – or easier way – to teach your child many life lessons than talking and playing games. And that is the agenda for family fun nights. Parents don’t have to create an agenda or pre-determine lessons. No, the lessons come naturally.

For instance, your living room is a safe place to learn, and practice, problem solving. Games offer a scenario to mull over solutions and the consequences of each possibility in play. That same skill can then be transferred to real-life situations with confidence.

Likewise, discussions allow everyone to share their ideas and opinions in the safety of the family circle where very powerful lessons happen. Everyone learns to listen, consider other’s ideas, and maybe even discover how to change an opinion based on new facts. Or, as opinions become stronger and more steadfast, learning to compromise with civil agreements to disagree can be invaluable in situations outside the family.

Nothing makes family fun nights more comfortable and easy than pizza. Everyone loves pizza – and breadsticks. There’s another lesson in sharing when it comes to breadsticks. How does the last one get handled in your family?

When you provide a pizza from Greek’s Pizzeria, you know that you are giving your family quality food, too. Fresh ingredients is what parents count on, great taste is what kids want. Everyone is happy.

Social Time with Friends

Good friends and relationships are always in the list of characteristics of healthy people who live long, happy lives. Bringing friends together with family strengthens the bonds between all.

Kids invites friends home to play and have sleep-overs. Parents invite other families over for fun and food. The adults talk or play games while the children are off watching movies and playing their own games. Here again, Greek’s Pizzeria makes it easy to feed everyone. Order a variety of pizzas with ingredients that make everyone happy. One group prefers pepperoni, another no meat. Everyone gets what they like.

Meeting at the Greek’s Pizzeria restaurants in Westfield or Zionsville provides another option for meeting with friends – just for dinner, after a football game, or before a dance recital. The environment is casual and family-friendly.

We love seeing families come into Greek’s Pizzeria. Without a doubt, we love feeding them and hearing them talk and laugh. And we love the smiles and waves as they pick up and carry a pizza out the door, too. For some reason, it seems that it’s never a bad day when a family is enjoying pizza together! We love that, too!

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