Make Your Sale a Perfect Party with Pizza and Profits

We all have stuff. A lot of stuff. It accumulates and then we run out space for our stuff. A great way to make a little extra money and rid yourself of the excess clutter is to have a tag sale. Sometimes it seems like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be, if you follow a few simple steps. Not only can it be relatively easy, it can be fun when you invite friends, family, or neighbors to participate. What might start out as a chore becomes more like a party. It’s a great time for telling stories, eating good food, and laughing.

Sorting the Start

This is possibly the most difficult step: sorting through what you need, want, and what needs to go. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in three years, it’s time to go. If you haven’t touched it within the last year, consider moving it out. With a little organization and planning, this step doesn’t have to be so daunting.

  • Set a goal date for when you want to have the sale. This allows you to have a deadline for your sorting task.
  • Gather boxes and bins to sort into. Have your tags, safety pins, tape, and markers handy during the process.
  • Start with one type of item like clothing, then move on to kitchen, bath, books, videos, sporting goods, tools, décor, etc.
  • Separate the categories per box. This will save you on valuable set-up time the day of the sale.
  • Tag the items with your price and initials as you place them into the boxes. This saves steps and time. There’s no need to handle things multiple times. Tagging items as you go means they are ready for if you are having your own sale or will have friends involved.
  • Using a sign, you can give all items in a box the same price versus tagging each item, however, if you choose to price this way with multiple people participating in the sale, it can be very confusing to keep track of things.

Plan the Space

After you’ve gotten a handle on sorting, you need to plan out the space where you will have the sale. Whether it is a garage, carport, driveway, yard, or tent, figure out what things would sell best on a table versus hanging or sitting on the ground.

  • Clothing sells better hanging up or neatly folded on a table (although the neatly part won’t last long unless well-tended.) Open sided fruit or vegetable boxes work well to keep stacks divided and organized.
  • Housewares sell better if grouped together on a table. The same goes for décor.
  • Toys (not collectible) sell better in boxes on the ground where little ones can see.
  • Books and media do well in boxes, spines up and facing the same way for easy perusal.
  • Keep more valuable items near the table where you will sit with the cash box.

Plan the Day

Once you know who all will be participating and you have your space figured out, confirm your date and times. Post your sale on social media and garage sale sites.

  • The day before the sale, make sure you get enough change for your money box.
  • The night before, put up signs around the neighborhood and main entryways and cross streets.
  • The morning of the sale, start bright and early. By boxing the items according to what they are, it’ll be easy to pull them out and place them on the designated table or rack.
  • At lunchtime, order food from Greeks Pizzeria.
  • When it’s time to close the sale down for the day, return like items to their boxes versus mixing them up. It will make setting up much easier for the next sale day.

Things to Remember

Things sell better if they are clearly and consistently marked, clean, and neatly presented. Take a moment to wipe things off and group them in an eye-catching way. Keep valuables close and never leave the cash box unattended. If there are multiple sellers, write down each item with the initials as they sell, tally them up at the end of each day. By staying a little organized, you can have a successful sale!

Don’t forget to feed your hungry workers to keep them happy. We have something for everyone who will be spending the day with you. From fresh salads and breadsticks to pasta to sandwiches to pizza, we will take care of feeding the group and will deliver it right to your door. To see our menu, visit our website and call 317-804-7777 to place your order. You do know we deliver free within Westfield, right?

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