Plan a Neighborhood Gathering or Block Party to Get to Know Your Neighbors

Remember when we were kids we knew most of our neighbors? We would play lawn games, tag, hide and seek, and then run up and down the street playing all day. Our parents and grandparents might play cards together or have drinks on the patio.  We’d set off fireworks in the street for special occasions. If we were baking something and ran out of an ingredient, we would run to the neighbors to borrow some. We shared tools and tables and bicycles. Back then neighbors were friendly. We knew each other’s names and we felt safer. Somehow, we’ve lost that feeling in recent years. We teach our kids about stranger danger. Our work and school lives have let us become more isolated from one another. Instead of hanging out together, we hangout on line.

Here at Greek’s Pizzeria we value family and friends and think of our neighbors as extensions of those relationships. We think those connections are important for a strong community so we are always looking for new and fun ways to foster them. A neighborhood should be a place to call home to and enjoy. Here are a few suggestions to get to know your neighbors a bit better:

  1. Invite everyone to bring their grills out on their driveway on a certain evening for a street-wide cook-out. Set-up folding tables in the front yard. Have everyone supply side dishes to share with neighbors, like a big fresh tossed salad or bread sticks.
  2. Set up badminton or volleyball net and have a tournament. Show the kids how to play croquet or bocce ball. Set up corn hole boards and start a neighborhood competition. Make the menu easier by pitching in to make it a pizza party and we will deliver it fresh and hot for the party.
  3. Have a block party in the nearest cul-de-sac. Invite the neighborhood garage bands to play. Have everyone pitch in a covered dish, side, dessert or drink.
  4. Suggest an “old fashioned” day where everyone plays games such as sack races, egg toss, or cup balancing relays.
  5. Pitch-in and have a work day to help an elderly or sick neighbor, or to help a neighbor with a large project. Bring coolers of drinks and order in food.

There are so many ways and reasons to get out and meet your neighbors, we can’t possibly list them all. It’s just important to strengthen the sense of community and keep our neighborhoods safe. Call us at 317-804-7777 to deliver any of your food for your next gathering or stop by.  Of course, we always welcome you to all meet up at Greek’s Pizzeria in Westfield, too!

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