What Is the Connection Between Family and Pizza?

Have you ever noticed how close the word family is to the word familiar? And what’s that got to do with pizza?

For starters, the connection between family and familiar came out of the desire, after a week away in a new city, to get back home. Home to family and familiar places and ways. So let me start there.

Thrilling adventures to new places

It is always exciting to leave on a trip to a new place. Exciting because of the unknown of what you will see, do, and experience. The unknown is what gives it that edgy feeling, a little thrill, or, depending on where you are venturing, a big thrill.

For example, if you are leaving for a land where the language, culture, and food are very different from where you live, there is worry that you will be able to manage. You worry about thinking you are ordering a pork chop dinner when, in fact, the plate comes full of something that looks NOTHING like a pork chop. You worry about missing the trains and finding your way around. But the differences in the way the markets offer goods, the architecture of the buildings, and the stone paths instead of concrete turn the unfamiliar into moments of glory for an expanding mind and bank of experiences. So much fun!

Even if you aren’t leaving for exotic locations, but going somewhere new where you get a pork if you ask for it, and the road signs lead you exactly where you think you want to go, it is an adventure. The landscape may be different, the kinds of markets and shops vary from those at home, and the local specialties from festivals to foods are fun to explore. At least for a while.

The comfort of what’s familiar – at home

Then the yearning for the familiar bubbles up and you start thinking about the morning routine at home, the feel of your bed, your couch, and the predictable family jabber around the table. You know there is one place where you can curl up and rest because it is home.

New is fun and exciting, but when you need to rest, feel uneasy or sad, or simply need comfort, home is where you want to be. You want to be surrounded by family and the familiar. That includes food, too. Think about it, your favorite meal is often brought to mind along with fond memories. And that’s where pizza comes into the equation.

Pizza the great family food filled with fun

One family I know always has pizza for supper on Friday nights. Theirs is a large family and ordering pizza is a relief for those preparing meals, and a familiar, and welcome, routine for the end of the week when everyone comes together to just take a breath, share stories, and laugh. In other words, to share the familiar comfort of family and fun. You can bet that memories of those Friday nights are special for each and every member of the family. And you can almost bet that the same routine will play out in their future families.

We know this family is not unique because Friday night is one of those nights at Greek’s Pizzeria in Westfield that will be busy. We know that some of our pizzas are going to be the center of sleepovers and movie nights, but we also know that our pizzas are the center of a family night in many of the homes we deliver to in Westfield.

Moms and dads tell us that Greek’s is the preferred pizza for their family nights, the go-to that everyone loves. Parents count on the fresh ingredients and everyone loves the tasty goodness that fresh ingredients brings to the table. We love to hear that.

A pizza business, especially Greek’s pizza, is a happy business. Smiling faces on people eagerly opening our door are a thrill, whether they come to the counter for pickup or fill the seats around a table in the dining room, we know we are part of a happy time.

We also love to see noses go up in the air as people enter our restaurant, taking in the fresh-baked aromas of hot pizza, breadsticks, shells, and sandwiches. It’s funny to see, but we watch for it! That means people are hungry and we need to get busy!

That’s why the words family and familiar are so close – and what pizza has to do with it. Everyone does it – take comfort in family, fun, and food. Call Greek’s Pizzeria of Westfield at 317-804-7777 to create some comfort today in your home! We are ready to bake up some goodness for you and your family to share while making new memories.

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